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The Gallery of a Madman

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By Unknown
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And Now for the Haunting Tale of the Dead Girlfriend...

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And They Dinosaurs and Man Didn't Walk the Earth Together...

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First a Killer Clown, Now a Telekinetic Priest?

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I Seeeee You!

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The Workings of Diabolical Bastard

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HEY! That's Mine!

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By Unknown
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Enjoy 7 Minutes of People Being Traumatized by Jumpscares

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If You Go Fishing at an Unassuming, Peaceful Lake Near Halloween, You're Gonna Have a Bad Time

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Karma Upside the Head

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By tamaleknight
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Phoenix Suns PG Goran Dragić Had a Dinosaur-Sized Surprise for His Teammates on Halloween

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Plushie Spider Scare Tactics

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By Unknown

Best. Dad. EVER!

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By Unknown
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Ellen DeGeneres is an Accomplished Scare-Prankster

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