Art of Trolling


Don't You Move a Muscle

money phone scam shoppers beware - 5746724096
Created by JohnSmith42

I Have a Very Successful Website

email scam shock sites - 5889711872
Created by thejerm333

Scam This!

ascii art email scam - 5176300544
Created by tehphotonuker
instagram prank scam money Video - 77410049

Prank Calling An Instagram "Money Flip" Scammer

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scientology trolling

Scientologist Gets Trolled HARD After Texting The Wrong Number

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wrong number troll

Guy Looking for a New Apartment Trolls a Scammer With Pictures of Ducks

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comedian trolling a scammer

Troll Comedian Gets a Scam Call and Decides to Play Along

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Google Has an Office on Buckingham Palace Road?

google scam shoppers beware - 6416200192
Created by Geoclasm

Assorted Smoothies?!

free scam shock sites sms texting - 6034922752
Created by Pyr020

Can't Tell if Trolling or Just Fraud

3d printers scam shoppers beware - 5160213760
Created by Unknown

Scamming the Scammers

email fraud scam - 6602509056
Created by IrishLuv
scam - 78593793

These Nigerian Scams are Getting Ridiculous

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It's In the Mail

facebook free ipad scam - 5682470656
Created by Unknown
prank scam Video - 79399937

This Is How to End the Call With a Phone Scammer After Wasting 20 Minutes of Their Time

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Three Way?

IRL money scam - 6104059136
Created by Unknown
trolltube scam Video - 63591681

This is the Best Way to Deal With Phone Scammers

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