Art of Trolling


I could quit my day job with income like this!

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By sean0507 (Via
instagram prank scam money Video - 77410049

Prank Calling An Instagram "Money Flip" Scammer

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scammer gets trolled

Idiot Scammer Gets Hilariously Trolled

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Can't Tell if Trolling or Just Fraud

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By Unknown
trolltube scam Video - 63591681

This is the Best Way to Deal With Phone Scammers

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Three Way?

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By Unknown

Scam This!

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By tehphotonuker

I Have a Very Successful Website

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By thejerm333
guy trolls a scammer

Guy Trolls Scammer for Fake Nudes, Pisses Them off like Crazy

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prank scam Video - 79399937

This Is How to End the Call With a Phone Scammer After Wasting 20 Minutes of Their Time

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Google Has an Office on Buckingham Palace Road?

google scam shoppers beware - 6416200192
By Geoclasm
comedian trolling a scammer

Troll Comedian Gets a Scam Call and Decides to Play Along

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Assorted Smoothies?!

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By Pyr020
scientology trolling

Scientologist Gets Trolled HARD After Texting The Wrong Number

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Scamming the Scammers

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By IrishLuv
scam - 78593793

These Nigerian Scams are Getting Ridiculous

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