Art of Trolling

santa bot

Santabot 9000

creepy santa bot - 5598267392
Created by monorailcat101

Coal Got Too Expensive

holidays poo santa bot - 5502919680
Created by Lavolpesbite

They Can Borrow the Ponies I Gave Their Sisters

gay presents santa bot - 5580505600
Created by Unknown

My God, You're Santa!

robots santa bot - 5518289664
Created by Unknown

I've Been Naughty This Year

santa bot wtf - 5516547584
Created by Robe

Shouldn't You Be Wearing White?

kkk racist santa bot - 5604418816
Created by Unknown

Re-Trolled: We All Knew It Was True

Cleverbot iGod santa bot - 5533773312
Created by Fuhrmann

Cut a Hole in the Box

kids pedophile presents santa bot - 5528403200
Created by Fuzzysquirrel75

That's Why I Don't Like It Safe

forever alone safe sex santa bot - 5561140480
Created by Iampaul2

I Hear You're a Real Drag Sober

drunk santa santa bot - 5545236480
Created by CaptainCanuck