Art of Trolling


Was It Something I Ordered?

jimmy johns sandwiches - 7346691328
Created by Unknown

Don't Forget the Dishes

facebook respect sandwiches women - 5444584960
Created by mrmccloud

Sandwich Bomb!

mailman sandwiches mail - 8148642304

60/40: One of an OCD Sufferer's Worst Nightmares

sandwiches ocd - 7843229440
Created by Unknown

Hickory Smoked Tofu?

bbq IRL meat sandwiches vegetarian - 4771896576
Created by Alex

Use Your Strengths, Ladies

facebook rights sandwiches women - 5055454208
Created by Unknown

It's That Special 'Mayo'

Someone asks on Yahoo Answers regarding why do men make such good sandwiches, to which someone gives a witty response.
Created by danatblair

We Don't Make Our Own Babies, Either

gay sandwiches Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6296294912
Created by Dazzaway ( Via )

My Girlfriend Didn't Get It

girlfriends kitchen love sandwiches sexism - 4567909120
Created by Craig

They Trained to Become Misogynists, Man

IRL sandwiches test women - 5175866880
Created by benjamin.campbell

Takes a Rib to Know a Rack of Ribs

facebook sandwiches women - 6506468608
Created by fedorahead

Strength is Subjective

IRL sandwiches women - 6359528960
Created by wirriams

With Any Luck, You'll End Up With a Sandwich

feminism sandwiches - 8757506816
Created by Unknown

I Want Mine With Bacon

Omegle sandwiches women - 5527064832
Created by CunningPlan


cleaning dishes sandwiches women - 4055766528
Created by roooom

The Way to a Man's Heart

dating kitchen sandwiches women Yahoo Answer Fails - 4706798592
Created by Unknown
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