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Amsterdam Sasses a Visiting Vladimir Putin in the Wake of Russia's New Anti-Gay Laws

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Via Euronews

Russia's Biggest Trolls

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By team8

Vladimir Putin Takes Diplomatic Meetings Very Seriously

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By Unknown

Is Very Nuce Wepon, Yes

russia guns - 8398091264

Be Coming at Me, Brother

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I Wanted an Elevator, Not a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Game!

confusing elevators russia - 8175012352

Geography. Learn It.

Canada russia twitter ukraine - 8301821696

In Trollviet Russia...

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By Unknown

Russian Cursive (How Do You Write "Screw This, I Give Up?")



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By Unknown
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A Youth Movement in Russia Called the "Stop a Douchebag" Squad is Keeping Douchey Drivers Off the Sidewalks

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Russian Cursive is a Headache in Written Form

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Well Played, Polish Vodka

russia vodka ukraine - 8139761152

God Bless Bulgaria

russia superheroes - 8292592128
Via The Moscow Times

Hey Wait! Can We Talk About This?

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By Unknown
Canada russia Sochi 2014 commercials olympics - 58272257

The Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Diversity Made This Hilarious Commercial in Response to Russia's Anti-Gay Propaganda

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