Art of Trolling

roller coaster

Life is a roller coaster, make sure you get on at the right time, and hang on the twists and turns. Just hold your lunch as you laugh out loud at these roller coaster puns.

Let Your Mask Hide Your Fear

IRL mask roller coaster trollface - 6382021888
Created by LOL

Splash Mountain? Please..

IRL sir reading roller coaster - 6310087168
Created by KrownDan

Not a Single Scream Was Heard That Ride

book IRL photobomb reading roller coaster - 5131517952
Created by Juarezraptor

Look at All the Splash I Give

IRL ride roller coaster splash mountain - 5418696448
Created by Aeshel

She Just Flew Right Out

IRL missing reaction roller coaster - 5911572992

For Narnia!

IRL roller coaster splash mountain sword - 6019013632

Yes, That is Quite the Climb Ahead

IRL sir photobomb roller coaster - 6286788352

That House of Cards Looks Thrilling

cards IRL photobomb roller coaster - 5261486848
Created by SpikeySan

These are Sacred to My People

arabic roller coaster youtube - 6532121600

If They Poop Their Pants Though, That's On You

prank roller coaster - 8759289344

Where'd This Come From?

Via mattsamp

You Can Get Breakfast in There?!

cereal IRL roller coaster splash mountain - 6050488320

Don't Blame Me If They Vomit On You

best of week ride roller coaster scary - 5308564480

Got Any Fours?

cards IRL roller coaster splash mountain - 4567162624
Created by Unknown
broken IRL ride roller coaster Video - 29805313

Instant Heart Attack, Just Add Lies!

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Photogenic Splash Mountain

splash mountain roller coaster - 6660989184
Created by seakiller15
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