Art of Trolling


Unless It's Nickleback

sign Music rock rap nickleback - 6925242112
Created by Unknown

What a steal!

guns rock ebay - 6961527808
Created by PhoenixGenevieve


guitar pope rock - 3621820416
Created by Unknown

I Prefer Brahman, Myself

god rock satan - 4925217792
Created by Unknown

And Yet Never Appear When You Want Them To

IRL rock - 5537504000
Created by alphakrusher

Take One and Shred It

air guitar IRL radio rock - 6441336320
Created by PetePete

Oh Baby

baby crib rock tired Yahoo Answer Fails - 4333801472
Created by Unknown

I was playing Anodyne and walked up to a rock to see what it said...

forever alone rock friends video game - 7055480320
Created by iWaddle ( Via Newgrounds )