Art of Trolling


I Will Survive

goodnight sweet prince rip - 6236915456
By Unknown

Man Seeking Woman (With No Knowledge of Common Poisons)

relationships girlfriend rip - 8435715328
By Unknown

Sweden Rolled

Kim Jong-Il rick roll rip - 5653594112
By MysteryMike

RIP Burger

burger IRL rip - 6460794880
By Masdnea


IRL rip sign - 6210097664
By Unknown

Good for Her

Yahoo Answers funeral sadness is not shared by all in this funny picture screen grab off of yahoo answers.
Via Yahoo Answers | Cheezburger

She's Made Real Progress

amy winehouse dead facebook rip - 5021843968
By Nate_R

Ubuntu Will Miss You

best of week Bill Gates IRL rip steve jobs - 5278333696
By Unknown

RIP Charlie

goodnight sweet prince rip youtube - 6259219200
By Unknown

Jim, John, Same Thing Really

facebook name rip slash - 5715030016
By sscreric

I Ran Out of Trucks to Give

IRL rip stickers - 6263962112
By Unknown

There Is a Place Where the Sidewalk Ends

rip - 4780805120
Via The High Definite
eduard khil Memes rip trololo Video - 38713345

Trololo Meets Metal, Glorious Music is Created

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We'll Miss You, Macho Man

rip - 4780677632
By Unknown

I Loved Him in Underworld

goodnight sweet prince rip - 6562011648
By devastator425

You Will be Missed, Much Like Those Creepy Living Trees

Westboro Baptist Church rip - 8114477824
By ericryall1978
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