Art of Trolling


License to Troll

007 james bond never gonna give you up rick astley rickroll - 4464626176
By alky10

In-Game Notice

april fools chat notice rickroll - 4612130304
By Unknown

The Best Laid Trolls...

i own a horse Omegle rickroll troll vs troll - 4391892224
By Thesilverfox

It Was Only a Matter of Time...

rickroll Memes image - 8772000256
By ScottTheAmazing

Rick Astley makes me sad too

Chat Roulette lady fun bags rickroll - 3410799360
By Unknown

Classic: Panda, You Lead Me Astray

rickroll suggestions youtube - 5195399680
By Golden_Waffle

IRL Troll: Staples Trolling

IRL jesus rickroll staples - 4463359488
By magicmessup

Even Rick Astley Is!

homosexuality justin bieber rick astley rickroll youtube - 4426118912
By that_13th_dude

I'm Glad Your Parents Never Gave You Up

awesome birthday facebook rickroll - 5181938176
By yohicitumadre

Ricki Rolled

asl Omegle rickroll sexytime - 4410849280
By TaylorAllison

Web Developer Bypasses 6-Second Upload Limit on Vine, Crashes the Site

twitter android rickroll vine rickrolled rick astley funny failbook - 7537598208
Via The Verge

Oregon: The Troll State

Congress IRL rickroll - 4634644736
By sleepcreeper

Never Gonna Call You Back

hotline Mormon Chat rickroll - 4304810752
By Unknown

TinyURL? Seems Legit

article IRL news rickroll - 5164435200
By pmanpman

Groundwire Flood, Go!

attack flood go jesus questions rickroll - 4586127616
By Unknown


mormon never gonna give you up rickroll star wars - 4152839936
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