Art of Trolling


Printrolled on Recycled Paper

IRL printer rage school troll face work - 4839727872
By DanTheTrollinMan22

The ginger is a trap!

ginger its a trap rage - 3692211456
By Unknown

Epic Lesbian Scene

epic rage - 4774379520
By Powellman

Troll costume

costume IRL rage trollface - 4564059392
By AriFerrari

BRB, I'm On the Phone With the Spelling Police

grammar rage spelling youtube - 5394804736
By really2random2funfunfun


girlfriend Pokémon rage video game Yahoo Answer Fails - 3786987008
By Unknown
rage Video - 21919233

His Brother Works For Steam

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Karma Strikes Again

rage FAIL gifs kids karma - 8521738496
By ToolBee