Art of Trolling


Trolled By Slacker Radio

Music radio rick roll skip - 6578637056
By Joel

Goodbye Radio

radio taylor swift adele facebook Ed Sheeran - 6939299072
By Unknown

Well, No Wonder She Got Pregnant

radio adele car THE D pregnant - 7013914112
Via Sofa Pizza

91.1 WGTD Radio in Kenosha, WI Had an Interesting Description This Morning...

radio - 8101099264
By Unknown


asl radio - 4108734464
By kizztir
radio prank Video - 78718721

Can You Guess All the Swears This Radio DJ Drops on His Co-Host as a Prank?

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I Prefer AM

asl Omegle radio - 4861763840
By Unknown


Music facebook radio homework - 6660230400

Lose During Your Daily Commute!

IRL radio the game - 5649209856
By DjChip

Take One and Shred It

air guitar IRL radio rock - 6441336320
By PetePete

Other Radio Stations Need to Follow Their Example

Canada radio justin bieber - 8427684096
radio pedobear that sounds naughty - 43739137

Troll Level: PedoBear

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This Is Snuggle Station One, Over

bed car facebook radio - 5492635392
By rlambert825