Art of Trolling


To be a racist is to be a dunce. We are all as one, there is no place for one race, people, color, ideology, above any other. The only place for racism and a racist is to be laughed at for their ignorance, so go wild.

We're Doomed!

facebook humans racist - 6547346944
By Unknown

Can't Tell if Trolling or Racist and Delicious!

kfc news racist wtf - 6464586496
By littledevil9

Just Ask Michael Jackson

black kkk racist Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6260423680
By Mortuaryjoe

Just to be Clear

beyoncé racist - 6838083840
By Unknown

Wait a Second...

children facebook racist wtf - 6501488384
By Unknown

You Know What They Say About Chinese Girls

chinese IRL racist sexual orientation - 6078921984
By Unknown

The Adrenaline Really Helps

black people racist running Yahoo Answer Fails - 5798696192
By mrmuchacho13

OMG I'm Looking at This in America, Speak American

comments racist youtube - 6038053632

What an Oasis!

google Maps racist - 6133397504
By Unknown

I'm Just So Lazy

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Do Not Catch a Break

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By Antiguy

That's a Semi Charmed Life If I've Ever Seen One

native american race racist youtube - 6346999552

Absolutely Not

black racist wtf youtube - 6213707776

Can't Tell if Trolling or Just Racist

english IRL racist sign spanish - 6547426816
Via imgur

If You're This Tall (or Taller)...

racist asian yellow IRL - 6658300672
By jtcaseley1

Hitler Was on to Something

hate jewish racist sloganmaker - 6134570496
By Unknown
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