Art of Trolling


They prefer stick shifts...

car question tranny trap - 3560416000
By Unknown

Poor Embarrassed

husband IRL newspaper question - 6160228864

I'll Take That as a Yes

dinosaur Omegle question spy mode t rex - 5077383424
By Musicmaniacbobsmith1357

Worst Messiah Ever

god Omegle question wasted - 4375894784
By Unknown

Intelligence Test

answer easy Omegle question test what - 4402223360
By SkinnedRat

Even the Vietnamese Know!

justin bieber puberty question - 4369102592
By Unknown

Axe and You Shall Receive

axe old spice question Yahoo Answer Fails - 5081740544
By eternalgreenknight

I Have So Many Questions

facebook guess question - 5774653184
By EliteRoach


trolling graffiti signs Touché
Via eldare

PEMDAS, How Does It Work?

math Omegle question spy - 5054910720
By TownIdiot25


cereal childhood immortality question Yahoo Answer Fails - 3784423936
By Unknown

Good Question

facebook google question - 4269639936
By Unknown

I Knew It Was a Transformer

question car plane - 7032359936
By Unknown

This is Too Meta

funny memes what is your favorite security question
Via Bumblebeee_tuna_

Shoulda Seen This Coming

genie Omegle oracle question - 4304534272
By Velvie


creepy girl lady fun bags question - 3961197568
By Unknown
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