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I See a Little Silhouetto of a Post

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By BrokenEye3

I'm Just a Poor Boy...

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By Unknown

Look Up the Lyrics and Seee

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Newtonian Rhapsody

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By Unknown

Is This the Real Life?

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By LeviBlank


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By Echo_of_Snac

I Do Not Want to Live in This World Anymore

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By LeSparta
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Just Try Not to Sing Along With This Meme Version of Bohemian Rhapsody

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Can Anybody Find Me Somebody to Plagiarize?

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By Unknown

Winnie the Pooh Knows What's up With This Rockin' World

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Via distinguishedbaloney

Cleverbot, You Are the Queen of Replies

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By Gianckarlo


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By venomlash

I Always Thought Macs Were The Reason For Bullying

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By mlucci4036

The Chemo Will Do Just That

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By Unknown

More Contagious Than Ur Biebs

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By Unknown

Rhap Sody B**ch, Rhap Rhap Sody B**ch

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By Unknown