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Twitter Is a Heartless Place

twitter relationships pregnant dating - 8812241408
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Dodged a Bullet

text pregnant - 6843235840
Created by Unknown

Brings a Lot of Aches and Pains

facebook pregnant - 5328656896
Created by Talim646
Babies jimmy kimmel youtube lie witness news kim kardashian kanye west pregnant funny Video - 51017729

Jimmy Kimmel Asks People Where They Were When Kanye and Kim Had Their Baby

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The Bellyscope

failbook facebook pregnant - 8967782912
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pregnancy parenting pregnant - 7863795456
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Not the Best Pair of Billboards

advertising billboards pregnant - 7537260800
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Then You'll Have Video Evidence for the Custody Battle!

Yahoo Answers screen grab of 15 year old who asks about getting pregnant. Yahoo Answers: MTV
Created by Troll240 ( Via Cheezburger [Yahoo Answers] )

You're Screwed

sex pregnancy facepalm yahoo answers pregnant funny - 4280667904
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hospital movies pregnant water Yahoo Answer Fails - 3444795904
Created by Unknown

You Mean Until Your Child's Birthday?

child birthday facebook pregnant - 6930508032
Created by devonushka

Tom Riddle Wont Let You Diddle Her Skittle

Harry Potter Hogwarts pregnant sexytimes Yahoo Answer Fails - 5153688576
Created by AngelsHathFallen

Yahoo Answers - Any Chance My Cheatin' Man's Wife's DNA be in my baby?

Screen grab from Yahoo Answers of woman that wants to know if her 'man's wife's DNA will be part of her baby.
Via Cheezburger | Yahoo Answers

Hint: It Ain't Me!

pregnancy parenting pregnant - 7982506240
Created by Unknown

Why Do You Ask?

animal love autocomplete google pregnant - 5942665472
Created by qacer

Just Thought I'd Let You Know

wtf parenting pregnant texting - 8387560448
Created by MaurzZz
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