Art of Trolling


Sean Connery Shtrikes Again

pregnancy teen mom Yahoo Answer Fails - 4490541824
Created by Unknown

Someone's in for a Rude Awakening

pregnancy relationships parenting pregnant - 8076089856
Created by Unknown

How to Start a Flame War

pregnancy fml wedding - 6726355456
Created by louisiana_man ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

So It's Actually Birthing Rainbows?

boyfriend Nyan Cat pregnancy Yahoo Answer Fails - 5035005440
Created by Tsnomi

The Best Possible Billboard Combo

billboards advertising pregnancy trash - 7978445824
Created by Unknown

Bushy-Tailed Breast-Botherers

breastfeeding dream pregnancy squirrels Yahoo Answer Fails - 5295531264
Created by keggymoo
pregnancy trolltube parenting parents - 55856897

"Mom, My Girlfriend is Pregnant!"

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Go for the Gold!

Babies glass gold pregnancy world record Yahoo Answer Fails - 4355610112
Created by orlywtf


pregnancy - 8090020864
Created by Unknown


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Created by Unknown

Hint: It Ain't Me!

pregnancy parenting pregnant dating relationships - 8399397120

Your Lease is Up!

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Created by Unknown

"Abort" Mission, "Abort" Mission!


Get Wasted and Hook Up With a Random Dude Responsibly!

Planned Parenthood pregnancy - 7862950144
Created by Unknown

Make Sure They're Not Lubed; You Have Tears for That

condoms eyes pregnancy Yahoo Answer Fails - 5465362688
Created by Donkers

I Do Not Like Green Gags and Slam

dr seuss poem pregnancy Yahoo Answer Fails - 5246563328
Created by Elven_Muse94 ( Via )
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