Art of Trolling


I Prefer the Tongue Ring Method

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By Unknown

I'm All Out of Guesses


Get Wasted and Hook Up With a Random Dude Responsibly!

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"Mom, My Girlfriend is Pregnant!"

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Not Ready to Mingle Though

abortion pregnancy parenting - 8375441664

A Problem That Spans Eighteen Years

Bad Translator pregnancy problem win - 4914206208
By Slade

I Do Not Like Green Gags and Slam

dr seuss poem pregnancy Yahoo Answer Fails - 5246563328
By Elven_Muse94 (Via

Downright Offensive.

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By nombookworm

Someone's in for a Rude Awakening

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By Unknown

Don't Assume You're Getting a Human

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By Unknown


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By Susu Yatoto

Bushy-Tailed Breast-Botherers

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By keggymoo
Picture of Plan B morning after pill.

Guy's World Gets Turned Upside down When He Texts Girl Asking Her to Get a 'Morning After' Pill

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Make Sure They're Not Lubed; You Have Tears for That

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By Donkers
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