Art of Trolling


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There's a Lot Wrong With Youtube "Social Experiments"

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How to Scare a Horror Movie Director

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By anselmbe
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Remi Gaillard Pranks EMTs by Shooting Santa, They're Surprisingly Cool With It by the End

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Troll Your Friends: There Is No Spoon

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This YouTube Prankster's "Social Experiment" Was So Tone-Deaf and Poorly Timed That He Had to Try to Explain It

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Mind Tricks Don't Work on Me

Via Obi1thejedi

21 Perfect Pranks

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Via yetanotherpoorlifedecision
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Troll Dad Recreates His Daughters Modeling Photos

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I'll Take That Over a Parking Ticket Any Day

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It's Got a Nasty Bark

image pranks signs It's Got a Nasty Bark
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Watch These Amazing Fake Local Commercials, You'll Thank Us Later

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What to Do When Your Roommate is on Vacation

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By Unknown

Sharing Is Caring....

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Via AccountantsUseCalculators
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Can't Beat Your Brother at Counter-Strike? Hire a Pro!

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Ladies, Instead of Butt Implants, Try the Peach Emoji Booty

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