Art of Trolling


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Brilliant Halloween Tricks for When You're Sick of Handing Out Treats

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Sharing Is Caring....

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Firefighter Trolls Kids By Sounding The Sirens Inside

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It's Got a Nasty Bark

image pranks signs It's Got a Nasty Bark
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Ellen Degeneres gets pranked

Ellen DeGeneres Has Been Messing With Matt Lauer a Lot Lately, and Now He Finally Got His Revenge

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April Fools' Pranks To Pull Around The Office

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Let Me Take a Selfie

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Entire North Carolina Football Team Pranks Their QB

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This is Why You Don't Talk to Strangers on the Internet

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Want to Prank Your Teacher? Pull Off This Drawn Cat Prank

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Guy Pretends to Staple His Finger but His Coworker Is Too Focused on the Staple to Get the Prank

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So Lifelike

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Social Media in a Nutshell

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halloween pranks Video - 83392769

Jimmy Kimmel Continues to Ruin Children's Halloween by Telling Parents to Pretend They Ate All the Candy

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pokemon go pranks Video - 81666817

Guys Prank People as 'Pokemon GO' Police

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prank eggplant flavored condom

Durex Trolled Everyone With the Announcement of an Eggplant Flavored Condom

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