Art of Trolling


Classic: Seriously, I Had to Get a Brace

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By Unknown

The Squirters are back in another heartwarming tale.

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By JBroadley (Via E-mails From an A-Hole)

I Have One With a Lisa and Alyssa Queued Up!

mormon Mormon Chat pr0ntimes sin - 6416875776
By pikacat

It's About a Red Tube of Lipstick!

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By stasiox

Can't Tell if Pedobear or Just Angry

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By Brittany

Hard Science

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

Please Have Mercy On Me

50 shades of grey IRL parenting pr0ntimes - 6489662208
By Unknown

I Picture Chest Bursters

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By Unknown

They All Want to Be Your Girlfriend, Papi

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By Unknown

Private Browsing Changed Everything

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By umarthebeard