Art of Trolling


I Thought It Was a Nice Touch!

bathrooms poop - 8343633920

The Sign Bandit Strikes Again!

news poop portland stop sign - 6961836800
Via Reddit

IRL Troll: Aw, Poop

house IRL me gusta moron poop toilet Y U NO - 4545102592
By Unknown

Just give it to your dog

eww jeans poop - 3491172608
By Unknown

Just Turn It Into Chocolate Ice Cream

best of week fake poop tattoo - 5500075776
By Unknown

This Is What I Think of Your "Facts"

definition facts poop synonyms - 5551972096
By thornywaffles

Graffiti Happens

trolling memes poop happens sign

Now That's Dedication

rocks poop - 8172470528

Who Can Argue With That Logic?

Yahoo Answers question that someone asks about how they can get away with pooping in the litterbox.
Via Yahoo Answers

Your Dog Probably Wanted to Eat It

dogs IRL poop sign - 5935213056
By etak

Turn Back! You Don't Want to Go That Way

image signs poo Turn Back! You Don't Want to Go That Way
Via PancakeDrawer03


girl poop turtle - 3354930432
By Unknown

Solid Answer!

poop yahoo answers - 4282689024
By Unknown


poop science Yahoo Answer Fails - 3228367872
By Unknown

The Rare Toilet Whale

gross IRL poop text message whale - 6000424960
By Unknown

You Disgusting Beasts

best of week IRL poop toilet paper - 5732941568
By Unknown
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