Art of Trolling


Heyya, I'm a Mac

mac poop troll - 4669666304
By Norman_Steel

You Disgusting Beasts

best of week IRL poop toilet paper - 5732941568
By Unknown

Fresh From the "Oven!"

poop - 7392686336
By hellbound17

Graffiti Happens

trolling memes poop happens sign

Longest Thirteen Hours of Your Life

burning fortune cookie poop - 4791035648
By Unknown

Don't Hold It

portland sign bandit poop


girl poop turtle - 3354930432
By Unknown

I can not stop crying

poop yahoo answers - 6990683136
By Unknown

It Exfoliates Really Well

Awkward gross poop shoppers beware soap - 5098582272
By -Ghost-
politics news poop trolling Video - 76872193

This Caller Actually Made C-SPAN All Hot and Steamy (and Then They Disconnected Him)

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I Thought It Was a Nice Touch!

bathrooms poop - 8343633920

IRL Troll: Aw, Poop

house IRL me gusta moron poop toilet Y U NO - 4545102592
By Unknown

Turn Back! You Don't Want to Go That Way

image signs poo Turn Back! You Don't Want to Go That Way
Via PancakeDrawer03

Who Can Argue With That Logic?

Yahoo Answers question that someone asks about how they can get away with pooping in the litterbox.
Via Yahoo Answers

The Poop Emoji Isn't Poop


Well THATS good to know

poop bears - 7229917440
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