Art of Trolling


Police. Cops. Popo. 5-O. Whatever officer might be looking for, you'll find all that here and more. These coppers will charge you up like a battery, so get a shock to your system with witty police humor.

Old Crown Victorias Make Great Trollsmobiles

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We Wish We Knew the Backstory to These Ridiculous Newspaper Police Reports

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Meet the Traffic Warden Brave Enough to Take on the Police

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Ice Cream Can Be Dangerous

business signs ice cream police - 8353912320

Don't Fail Me Now

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We've Got a Real Daredevil Here

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Don't Try to Break It Though...

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Just Going for a Jog, Officer. Yahoo Questions said i'd be fine.

Exchange in a Yahoo Answers forum regarding the legality of running from the cops asked by white person. Black person has excellent and accurate response. Overall funny post, a little racist, might be a troll.
Created by ItzWazza

Meanwhile in Canada

Text - ScanBC 18 mins #Vancouver Police are responding to 600 Industrial Ave for a caller reporting an unknown male is on his property using his BBQ
Created by slolo420

Well, I'm Stumped...

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Fishing for the Police

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Created by Mcakesash

Live, Dammit! LIVE!

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It'll Be a Sad Day for Humanity When Cookies Are Against the Law

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What's in a Name?

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Officer Troller

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And They've Acknowledged How Sexual I Am!

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