Art of Trolling


The Whole Bed

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Created by Unknown

Get That Green Thumb Going

dead facebook plants profit - 5997573632
Created by frogger537

Re-Trolled: I Love Cheesy Plants

Congress pizza plants vegetarian - 5467006208
Created by Unit-T

Are You Plant Racist?!

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Created by Treko_WTF

Only a Few More Days!

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Created by Unknown

Plants vs Kids

plants kids parenting - 8970126592
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He's in Good Hands


Witness That Planty Goodness!

plants - 7165840640
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Perhaps to Fight Zombies?

Cleverbot liar plants zombie - 4307059456
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You've Got Me There


Definitely E

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Hey, Whatever Works for Ya...

plants tumblr Deal With It - 7592096000
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Use a Hori Hori

kill plants president weed Yahoo Answer Fails - 4894136576
Created by mysockhurts

First "Boops Boops," Now This!

science plants - 8198193664
Created by xfire98185 ( Via Wikipedia )