Pixar is a well known animation studio owned by Disney. Various movies they have produced are Toy Story, The Incredible and Finding Nemo. Pixar is best known for CGI-animated feature films created with RenderMan.  

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Fresh off the success of Pixar's Disney's critically acclaimed,heartfelt, Oscar-winning, just generally all-around fantastic movie, Planes, Disney is hitting the seven seas! Up next in the series: Boats (2014), an original, charming, fresh-as-the-sea-air underdog story in which a young boat (you guessed it!) enters a race! The catch is: he can only win the race with the help of his friends! Can he overcome adversity and strike through the competition?

Set sail aboard the $.$. S.S. Disney's next installment in the Vehicles franchise this January! And don't forget to catch Planes 2 in theaters this February! And don't forget to catch Planes 3 in theaters this March! And don't forget to catch Cars 3 in theaters also this March!