Art of Trolling


And Only Outside the Bathroom

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Amazing So Many of Them Make It Out Safely

image trolling pictures Amazing So Many of Them Make It Out Safely
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That or He Understands Perfectly and Was Just Messing With You...

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But It Wants Me To!

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dog memes

One Man's Search for a Dog Meme Really Brought the Internet Together

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I Can Do That Too!

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Very formal indeed

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dad photoshopping his kid

Photoshopping Dad Makes His Baby Do Manly Things

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I trust the mods can name this

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Nottingham Trent Students Think They're Having Their Picture Taken...

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Hot Pictures? So I Don't Need Photoshop Anymore?

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A Picture May Be Worth 1000 Words, But No One Ever Specified if Those Words Were True or Not

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I Wonder If I Can Get My Trolling on Photobomb?

definition facebook pictures Planking - 5858363136
Created by duhcoogs