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You Have 24 Hours to Comply

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No One Will Want Your Phone Now!

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Via Fowl Language Comics

You Have 24 Hours to Comply

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Oh Hey, Nice to Meet You!

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By Unknown

Can Zombies Feel Burns?

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Hate It When People Talk Loudly on Their Cell Phones in Public? Do This.

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Looking at the Search History on Target's Display Phones is Always Interesting

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Those Are Quite the Things to Apologize For


Want to Motivate Your Friend to Do a Clean, Slow Rep? Put His Phone in the Weights.

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Sony What ??

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By Muxammle

Oh! You Said "Mail It to Me," Not "Nail It to Tree!"

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By Unknown

Nyoom? Nyoom!

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Go Somewhere Else

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When You Use GPS to Get Everywhere

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Parenting Like a Pro


If You Let Your Friends Get Their Hands on Your Phone, You're Gonna Have a Bad Time

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