Art of Trolling


Sony What ??

cell phone IRL phones sign - 6302569216
By Muxammle



Nyoom? Nyoom!

phones parenting texting - 8168319232

What Happens When Your Friends Get a Hold of Your Phone

gif phones - 7948805120
By Unknown

I Fee You!

phones - 8264135168
phones vine - 63669761

Guy Messes With His Phone-Obsessed Friend by Imitating Its Notification Noises

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Go Somewhere Else

phones emergency - 8428204288

Looking at the Search History on Target's Display Phones is Always Interesting

phones Target - 8320146432

No One Will Want Your Phone Now!

phones comics webcomics - 8185204480
Via Fowl Language Comics

Can Zombies Feel Burns?

phones zombie burn - 8176083200

You Have 24 Hours to Comply

hostage phones texting - 8312563712

I... I Don't... How... What?


No Phone for Me

phones smartphones funny microwave failbook - 7531899648
By Unknown

I Had to Read That All for Nothing!

phones wrong number texting - 7371136512
By DeadWalker74

Want to Motivate Your Friend to Do a Clean, Slow Rep? Put His Phone in the Weights.

fitness exercise workout phones - 8176334336

Wow, So Amazing

phones lifehacks batteries iphone - 7845961472
By Unknown
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