Art of Trolling


Make Balloon Animals!

balloon p3n0r peetimes Yahoo Answer Fails - 5144937216
Created by Unknown
peetimes urinal Video video games - 29946625

I'm Out of Fuel!

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peetimes police Video - 41296385

Epic Pee Prank on Police

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Improving Your Aim

fly IRL peetimes urinal - 6401145856
Created by therealsonic

Wait Until You See Veteran Mode

hole IRL peetimes - 5778088960
Created by Unknown

Come and Get Some

IRL peetimes that looks naughty - 6442779136
Created by Biggmac4444

Bladder Terrorist

bomb IRL news peetimes - 6468618496
Created by G Battistel

At Least One a Day, I Imagine

mariah carey peetimes Yahoo Answer Fails - 5263793664
Created by thE_grizzLy ( Via )

You're a Man Now

peetimes wtf Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6258226688
Created by Unknown

Good Morning!

bathroom IRL peetimes Portal - 6102064896
Created by Nayrb

Sit Down, Old Man

IRL peetimes sign sit - 4069159680
Created by Danae
IRL peetimes Video wtf - 25548545

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

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Step Closer; It Isn't as Big as You Think

IRL peetimes urinal - 5450596608
Created by Snake73

I don't know if I would...

fine peetimes sign - 6540299264
Created by Sulley88

I Promise Not to Stare

bathroom IRL peetimes toilet - 5045474048
Created by Unknown

A Tampon Would Suffice

pee peetimes - 5008803328
Created by Unknown
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