Art of Trolling


Why is Your Urine Jiggling?

Jello pee prank urine - 8596237312
Via quickdailylaugh

Shower Power

golden pee showers - 4788794624
By mr_mix

That Guy Has Such Useful Tips

bear grylls pee Yahoo Answer Fails - 5717490944
By Unknown

PEEping Tom

creepy pee - 4878631168
Via I Raff I Ruse

A Glass a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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By Tobi1202

Do Not Want!

bathroom IRL pee urine - 4790383616
By Unknown

Chairs Are Multifunctional

chairs pee reviews shoppers beware toilet - 4401719040
By lexistar87

I Love It When People Post Passive-Aggressive, Sarcastic Statuses

annoying facebook pee - 4823686400
By EntropySol

Classic: I Piss On Your Hound

dogs IRL no pee sign - 5030716672
By maxystone


pee yahoo answers - 7024447232
By Echo_of_Snac

Want to Sample Some?

Jell-O pee urine sample - 8224344832

Y U so LAME?!?

copycat grammar pee troll vs troll Y U No Guy - 4194607104
By YenRaven

Mmm, Tasty!

Jello pee urine sample - 8098848512
By Unknown

The Manliest Challenge

drinking length man pee penis Yahoo Answer Fails - 4269202176
By Unknown

Is Refraining From Doing This THAT Hard?

pee urine - 8306200064

Just Hope She's a Heavy Sleeper

best of week hate pee prank sister Yahoo Answer Fails - 5658548224
By Unknown
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