Art of Trolling


Parent PWND!

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By da_baconator

Dad owns son

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By Poker.Face

It's Time to Move Out

Awkward parenting texting parents - 7675501824
By freshbru

She'll Be Scrubbing Toilets Until She's Dead

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By kittypoowuvsyou
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So Many Tears

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pregnancy trolltube parenting parents - 55856897

"Mom, My Girlfriend is Pregnant!"

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That's no gnome!

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By Unknown
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This Masterful Troll Would Give Your Parents a Heart Attack

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Don't Kiss and Tell

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By Tdrkknight

Dad Knows Best

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By Unknown

Everything's All Good Here!

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

Don't Talk About My Momma Like That!

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By Unknown

Ninjas in the Night

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By Unknown

Pull Yourself Together, Bruce

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By Manilla-Ice (Via

He Eats Frozen Microwaved Meals

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By Unknown
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