Art of Trolling


Check the paper, you might be there. 

Help Me Find a Catchy Title for This Post!

class FAIL paper school title Yahoo Answer Fails - 4823915520
By WalrusOfWonder (Via

Printing Problem?

IRL paper printer problem watermark - 4651202560
By Unknown

Don't Make Wasteful Displays

IRL paper - 6765171200
By Unknown

Can't Tell If He Should Pass or Fail

assignment IRL Memes paper rick roll truancy story - 5798772224
By ColeBerg74


free IRL paper sign - 6461651712
By GalderGollum

You Just Lost More Than the Game

IRL paper teacher the game - 5369062656
By Unknown

Now This I Can Get "Behind"

paper kim kardashian - 8377659904

IRL Troll: Printing Problem?

IRL paper printer - 4538451712
Via f yeah dementia

You Didn't Say Anything About Relevant Sources

funny memes turn in paper without citing sources
Via woozapooza

D+ for Creativity

failed paper poem - 4900804608
By Grinder-4-Life

It's Not the Printer. It's You

gifs yahoo answers paper dumb printer - 6952376320
By Unknown

The Philosophy of Trolling

college IRL magnet mormon paper science - 4531742208
By thisisapromise

Troll News Day

IRL news paper rickroll Songs - 4613456384
By Unknown