Art of Trolling


Doesn't Matter, Wasted Your Time

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By Sugar Sugar Aww Honey Honey
gross IRL owned smoking truck Video - 24619521

Cause Baby You're On Fire?

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THE GAME of Life

facebook life owned the game - 5598730752
By Howd_itgetburned

The Best Airport Attendant of All Time

owned planes - 7686312192
By Unknown

Candy Down Sounds Like a Reliable Source

owned stripper Yahoo Answer Fails - 4791354624
By RDenap

They're a Lot More Fun Anyway

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By Unknown

Or Turns to Vinegar

facebook love owned wine - 4952711680
By mauchroucinia

Make Sure It's Tribal or Features a Butterfly

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By haygurlhaaay

And Neither Do Your Moobs

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By unclehey

Why Haven't They Burst Into Flames?

IRL kissing owned Westboro Baptist Church - 4839963904
By YellowJacketNinja (Via

It's a Troll!

Nyan Cat owned whining - 4886624000
By cheeselandboy
magikarp owned Pokémon Video - 20072961

I Flail In Your General Direction

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Mormons, How Do They Troll?

awesome magnets Mormon Chat owned - 4890461440
By Unknown

Level Fifty Virgin

owned Skyrim video games Yahoo Answer Fails - 5604640000
By Mini-CHedar

I'm Worse

owned women youtube - 5588953856
By ProudSmudgey

Oh, But He Would

army best of week facebook married owned relationships - 6345351424
By Unknown
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