Art of Trolling


Classic: TMI, M'lady

buttsecks facebook ouch pun - 5298052096
By Flatabala


ouch gif - 7841839872
By Unknown


Hall of Fame ouch racism Yahoo Answer Fails - 3323663104
By Unknown

Classic: Leap and a Miss

gifs IRL mattress ouch - 6235331072
By GalderGollum

The Arse of Trolling

acne IRL ouch - 4447881984
By Unknown

Finally, You Too Can Be a Work of Art!

Via Obvious Plant

Classic: Seriously, I Had to Get a Brace

faptimes IRL ouch pr0ntimes sign - 6276074752
By Unknown

Offer Only Valid Until Valentine's Day

ouch relationships texting burn - 8120616704
Via Alligator Sunglasses

I Promise Not to Turn Around and Hurt You

christian mingle jesus ouch - 5776193536
By JesusGotNailedAndSoCanYou

Inspired by "Mouse Trap"

ouch gifs trap prank fail nation g rated - 7036338944
By Unknown

Removed Hair and Dignity Easily

funny fail image veet hair removal amazon review
Via CatLaydy


Arnold Schwarzenegger lesbians ouch single - 4112027136
By MrPatrickD
ouch insects cringe Video - 83129857

Watch Coyote Peterson Get Stung by a Tarantula Hawk, the Second Most Painful Sting on the Planet

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I'm Totally Over It Though

dating Omegle ouch relationships - 5597976320
By SagatBelmont

Back Off, Chump

FAIL gifs ouch sports soccer - 7944830208
By anselmbe

Back Off!

gifs ouch soccer - 8303168000
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