Art of Trolling

old people

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, and Death

funny memes mick look who i outlived

Just Doing His Part

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Created by Rocks_with_Salt

At Least She Died Happy...?

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Created by DunderMiffliNate

It Wasn't Bad for Someone That Old

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Created by Bendyrulz

Nana's Hiding the Goods in Her Dentures

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Can't Tell if Trolling or Inspiring

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Seems Legit

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TFW Old People Have a Sense of Humor About Death

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Via ohbear64
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This Guy Dressed as an Old Man to Troll the Body Builders at Muscle Beach

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The Piney Goodness Sustained Me!


Classic: Pee Myself Laughing

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Let the Beat Gumdrop

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Created by Jacob,Gronow

Classic Grandad...

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Post from the Future

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Created by Mirkey

My Secret? Mustard.


It's Like I Weigh as Much as Two People!

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