Art of Trolling


He's Awake!

aging old - 5617245696
Created by qwerfvtgb ( Via excuse-my-charisma )


female old Omegle owned - 4831602176
Created by VoldyHobbit

Meloncholy Bear

birthday cake IRL old pedobear watermelon - 4312069120
Created by Unknown

Time for a Hip Replacement

facebook lyrics old - 5765608192
Created by FuriousEnergy

Over the Hill

asl old Omegle - 5200997632
Created by PilgrimSkyWalker

How old?

captcha Death forever alone old - 4555037184
Created by HookerSlapper

It's Better Without Teeth

asl cyber old Omegle spymode - 5647188480
Created by shaneac

20 decades maybe...

old young - 3510569472
Created by Unknown

Grab Your Cotton Candy and Speedos...

backwards facebook future lemonparty old time - 4542228224
Created by Christopher Fore

Third Grade Troll: You Are so Old

adults kids old video games - 4678158592
Created by Unknown

Do you find wrinkles sexy?

old Omegle sexy - 3483625728
Created by Unknown

Do Not Want!!!1

eww gross old tatas - 3580107008
Created by Unknown

How Do You Think He Stays In Shape?

asl old Omegle sexytimes - 4927557632
Created by nedydox


die hard old stop your mom - 4031632384
Created by Unknown

Just Throw Some Gears On It!

car old shoppers beware - 5616150272
Created by Unknown