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No, It's Shark Piss

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By RikuW
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You Think Waving At the Ocean Is Cute?

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Girl finds shark on the beach, and then yeets it back into the ocean | love going walks at night, especially there's clear sky, so age sixteen, would go few miles up beach around midnight most nights. One night, while still about mile our house saw something rolling surf s either plastic bag caught on log thought Or four foot shark jogged over not plastic bag caught on log shark moving and didn't appear be hurt, but caught water only an inch or so deep, being pushed higher with every wave by

Girl Discovers Shark On Beach, Throws It Back Into Ocean

There should be an animated short for this.
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Beached Whales Often Die, You Should Be Ashamed

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By thesassyhop
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Come at Me, Giant Surfer Bro!

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