Art of Trolling


Burn Deez Nuts

smell my nuts candle
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Get Them While They're Ripening

IRL nuts pedobear wtf - 5618161408
By Arthux

They Make Great Floss!

braces nuts that sounds naughty Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6249019648
By helloskoodle (Via Yahoo Answers)

To the Windows, To the Walls

balls lyrics nuts walls windows Yahoo Answer Fails - 4532180224
By Unknown

Chestnuts Rotting in a Forgotten Bowl

trolling memes supermarket nut sign
Via theboyjones

Something's Squirrely About This

nuts - 8336218368

Chest, Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire?

IRL lady fun bags lyrics now nuts snow - 4509700864
By Eldgrim

Something's squirrely about this

nuts - 7772883712
By Unknown


car dogs golden nuts trap - 4121041408
By PaintNUrTaint
balls nuts prank Video - 75710977

These Guys Use a Drone to T-Bag Unsuspecting Californians

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