Art of Trolling



nokia comments youtube hammer iphone - 6971297024
Via Youtube

If You Look Closely, There's a Phone On the Ground

car nokia phone - 5587880704
By kazkin

Oh! You Said "Mail It to Me," Not "Nail It to Tree!"

nokia phones Nailed It - 7186195712
By Unknown

Ugly, But Will Never Shatter

die IRL nokia relationships - 6038945536
By Unknown

Break ALL the Walls

nokia phone wall Yahoo Answer Fails - 5762695936
By bluebi56

Sorry Guys, Voldemort's Taking Over

nokia Harry Potter voldemort - 8056022528
By Unknown

Not Even a Dent

nokia Office Space printer youtube - 6409614080
By dtismyname

Breaking My Contract

nokia sms text - 5913096960
By RodenyStrong