Art of Trolling


Captcha'd by Browser

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By Gobolo

My Body Wasn't Ready Yet

twerking nintendo failbook g rated - 7870116608
By Unknown
Pokémon videos pikachu nintendo - 55472129

Pikachu Calls Nintendo

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The real Mario totally would have given mustache rides

mario nintendo - 3536385024
By Unknown

There's a Dark Side to Every Nintendo Character


This Dude is Willing to Spend $35k Buying Amiibos He Hates Just So You Can't Have Them

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Via Nintendo Nuggets

Troll Moon

link majoras mask moon nintendo video games zelda - 4512009472
By Unknown
donkey kong trolling videos funny nintendo - 50637569

Watch Donkey Kong Scare the Crap Out of Kids

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Followed By Legend of Zelda: GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!

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By Tom

Spread Your Own Ridiculous E3 Rumors With This Nintendo Digital Event Schedule Generator

video game news nintendo e3 generator
Via Nintendo Digital Event Generator

This Looks Like It'll Be Xbox One's Killer App

call of duty dogs mountain dew doritos kinect video games funny nintendo xbox one - 7494798592
By Unknown

Maribro and Luiguy

bro mario nintendo - 4923191040
By supereece

Mario's Fortune Cookie

video games Super Mario bros mario fortune cookies nintendo - 8353436928

There's a Dark Side to Every Nintendo Character

link samus puns nintendo - 8431943424

Super Splash Bros

best of week IRL nintendo splash mountain - 5149186816
By Unknown
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