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All Potted Up

news gay - 6866828800
By Jesse

Norman Reedus Trolls the Living Sh*t out of Konami and Posts Picture of Hideo Kojima Drinking Mug of Konami's Tears

Via Norman Reedus

She Doesn't Look Very Excited

she can't be that near climax
Via SumoRerun
news pranks Video - 80783361

Reporter Drops Best Yo Mama Joke Ever

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Bladder Terrorist

bomb IRL news peetimes - 6468618496
By G Battistel
news sports trolltube Video - 69331713

News Blooper of the Day: Guy Says FHRITP on Live Canadian News

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politics news poop trolling Video - 76872193

This Caller Actually Made C-SPAN All Hot and Steamy (and Then They Disconnected Him)

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From the 'Stuff You Definitely Didn't Know' Department

news news headlines cancer - 8093164288
By Unknown

Who Wouldn't Want to Be the Goat?

article facebook goat goatse news shock sites - 4895231232
By maxhirez

She Didn't Practice That Backhand for Nothing

image news tennis She Didn't Practice That Backhand for Nothing
Via ajlobster

Al Roker Had an "Accident"

news youtube accident - 6959800832
By CallofBootyBlackDps

Troll News Day

IRL news paper rickroll Songs - 4613456384
By Unknown

So Fashionable

fashion news chris brown rihanna - 7061234176
By Unknown

Classic: Now He's News

IRL news photobomb - 5209407232
By Unknown

Best Job Ever

england IRL Like a Boss news parking taxes zoo - 4516589312
By Unknown

Gas Station Troll

gas IRL news prices u mad - 4522440448
By Nebben
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