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Netflix: A Video Streaming Service After My Own Heart

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Srs Bsns

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I'm Just Sayin' This So I Won't Get Declined

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An Honest Review

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Netflix is awesome

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A Zany Laugh Riot!

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Well Played, Netflix

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With Amazon Prime's New Drone Service Being Announced Last December, It's Only Natural That Netflix Would Also Want to Get in on the Drone Game

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Netflix's Category Assignment is Super Accurate

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One of the Last Elders Has Finally Passed

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Netflix and Chill has Finally Come Home

netflix and chill irl Netflix and Chill has Finally Come Home
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Netflix Doesn't Always Make Sense

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Do You Like Scary Movies?

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Look at This! Are You Happy Now, Obama?

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Netflix 3: Amazon Prime

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A.K.A. Every Nicolas Cage Movie Ever

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Created by Tom Kuzma
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