Art of Trolling


I Hear It's Good For The Pores

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By Unknown

Are You a Naughty Girl?

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By omgitsmanda

You Bet I Do

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By obehave_wan

St. Nick? More Like St. D*ck!

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By Unknown

Have You Been an Awful Good Girl?

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By Unknown

Vintage Pedobear

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By Unknown

You're So Filthy

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By Crazy_Whistlin_Hobo
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Naughty Cartoons In Disguise

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Use the Hammer!

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By Unknown

Haha, Made You Say

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By apollogesus

Well, If You Combined Your Interests

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By Michi.Troll

Don't Get Mad, Get Pr0n

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By jmb12321

Let's Ask Mr. Owl

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By Anonymous (Via


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By Unknown

The Importance of Punctuation

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By llort_tenretni