Art of Trolling


Petunia Care For Dummies

dummies flowers murder Omegle - 4602084608
By Unknown


murder - 4111901440
By Unknown

I'll be in My Bunker

murder Cleverbot - 6808063744
By jennyjaybird

Sex with Ex?

sms exes murder - 6680880384
By freshbru

Thanks Luke!

murder etiquette train - 6716834816
By Tman89frost

Post-Murder Nightmares

help murder nightmares Yahoo Answer Fails - 4460569856
By Unknown

Because I Forgot

asl bodies murder - 4236119808
By Unknown

I Found It Hilarious

facebook murder wallpaper trolling - 6657418496
By Baseresxyz

Sounds Like Your Lucky Day

IRL murder server - 5328491008
Via The Pizza Queen

Gee, You Know an Awful Lot About This

creepy murder Omegle spymode - 5222342400
By Artemecion

She Shouldn't Have to See That!

daughter murder Yahoo Answer Fails - 4903846400
By Coconuts500

Ya Should've Paid Him, Scumbag

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By GrinningRat

If You Wash It First

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By comic_hero

U Wanna Race?

IRL kids motorcycle murder race - 4466909440
By thatusernameisalredyinuse


murder twitter - 6761674496
By Unknown

And How Do I Do That, Siri?

biology murder teacher truancy story - 5719429888
By Unknown
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