Art of Trolling


Legal, Shmeagal

legal murder self defense Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6489899776
Created by Addison ( Via Yahoo Answers )


jigsaw movies murder now real saw - 4121786624
Created by Pattycat

I'm Not Gonna Kill the Guy Who Shows Me Kindness

chainsaw gifs IRL Memes murder - 6276080896
Created by Unknown

I Found It Hilarious

facebook murder wallpaper trolling - 6657418496
Created by Baseresxyz

How Sweet That He's Staying for Dinner

murder cute image - 8973712896
Created by tamaleknight

What Was the Horse For?

asl murder Omegle sexychat - 5732496896
Created by The lawlinator

Gee, You Know an Awful Lot About This

creepy murder Omegle spymode - 5222342400
Created by Artemecion

I'll be in My Bunker

murder Cleverbot - 6808063744
Created by jennyjaybird

If You Wash It First

murder facebook clothes - 6753841664
Created by comic_hero


murder river - 4212824832
Created by Unknown

Ya Should've Paid Him, Scumbag

dogs facebook kill laptop murder payment reward - 4648901120
Created by GrinningRat

Someone Stop This Douchebag!


Every Thursday at Four

Babies Cleverbot glue murder - 4622859776
Created by Unknown

Petunia Care For Dummies

dummies flowers murder Omegle - 4602084608
Created by Unknown

Can I Help You?

murder gifs - 8122889984

Thief Repellant

duct tape IRL knife mask murder thief - 4587678976
Created by Unknown
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