Art of Trolling


Thief Repellant

duct tape IRL knife mask murder thief - 4587678976
Created by Unknown


murder - 4111901440
Created by Unknown

Personal Assassi-stant

iphone murder siri - 6232812800
Created by teamfishtress2

Gee, You Know an Awful Lot About This

creepy murder Omegle spymode - 5222342400
Created by Artemecion

Or You Could Just...

murder Yahoo Answer Fails - 6092490496
Created by LegolasStark ( Via )

Ya Should've Paid Him, Scumbag

dogs facebook kill laptop murder payment reward - 4648901120
Created by GrinningRat

Oh My

murder Movie description - 7041826560
Created by Unknown


legs murder octopus - 4777439488
Via F Yeah Albuquerque

Post-Murder Nightmares

help murder nightmares Yahoo Answer Fails - 4460569856
Created by Unknown

I'm Not Gonna Kill the Guy Who Shows Me Kindness

chainsaw gifs IRL Memes murder - 6276080896
Created by Unknown
murder trolltube Video - 63340289

So, If I Needed to Hide a Body...

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murder twitter - 6761674496
Created by Unknown

Legal, Shmeagal

legal murder self defense Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6489899776
Created by Addison ( Via Yahoo Answers )

Sounds Like Your Lucky Day

IRL murder server - 5328491008
Via The Pizza Queen

Someone Stop This Douchebag!


She Shouldn't Have to See That!

daughter murder Yahoo Answer Fails - 4903846400
Created by Coconuts500
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