Art of Trolling


Thief Repellant

duct tape IRL knife mask murder thief - 4587678976
By Unknown

And How Do I Do That, Siri?

biology murder teacher truancy story - 5719429888
By Unknown

Sounds Like Your Lucky Day

IRL murder server - 5328491008
Via The Pizza Queen

I'll be in My Bunker

murder Cleverbot - 6808063744
By jennyjaybird

Personal Assassi-stant

iphone murder siri - 6232812800
By teamfishtress2

What Was the Horse For?

asl murder Omegle sexychat - 5732496896
By The lawlinator

Because I Forgot

asl bodies murder - 4236119808
By Unknown


murder river - 4212824832
By Unknown
murder wtf prank Video - 76269313

Bad Prank of the Day: Disgusting Human and YouTuber Sam Pepper Pretends to Murder a Guy in Front of His Best Friend

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Ouch, What Was That For?

french murder sexytime violence Yahoo Answer Fails - 4464159232
By Stompariffic (Via


jigsaw movies murder now real saw - 4121786624
By Pattycat

Don't You Dare Call the Cops

cpr Memes murder - 6061112832
By Unknown

Sex with Ex?

sms exes murder - 6680880384
By freshbru

Can I Help You?

murder gifs - 8122889984

How Sweet That He's Staying for Dinner

murder cute image - 8973712896
By tamaleknight


murder - 4111901440
By Unknown
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