Yahoo Answers screen grab of 15 year old who asks about getting pregnant. Yahoo Answers: MTV
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MTV vs Yahoo Answers

Sincere and authentic post from a 15 year old girl who is pregnant and asking what to do on Yahoo Answers. Many of the people are telling her to tell her mom, parents, overall good advice. Then one dude recommends she call MTV.

What is Yahoo Answers anyway

Not really sure people use Yahoo Answers anymore like they used to ten years ago. Now with facebook, Wikipedia, google and craigslist, people are able to find the answers easier. Yahoo Answers sort of let the internet start to become a community, but because of its haphazard nature, there was lots of trolls, abuse, and generally not such great answers, so it became less reliable of a place. Still has some funny memories that live on as screen grabs on the web. Yahoo Answers is completely up and running still, but most of what people used to do on that site is now spent on facebook groups and even whatsapp.