Art of Trolling


One Does Not Even Consider It

mordor what does the internet think - 6038983168
By WolffieC

More Doors?!

doors IRL mordor - 6550083840
By Unknown

One Does Not Simply Bot into Clever

Cleverbot frodo Lord of the Rings Memes mordor raisins - 4518700288
By abizabi

One Does Not Simply Map Into Mordor

best of week caution google google maps mordor - 5561360896
By d521yts

Safe Travels, Friend

disconnect mordor Omegle spymode - 5375000832
By Anaire

Sauron's Getting Lazy

IRL lost Lord of the Rings mordor ring - 5213398784
By Unknown

Mormon of the Rings

eagles gandalf Lord of the Rings mordor Mormon Chat - 4474707200
By Unknown

Join the Army, See Middle Earth

mordor Lord of the Rings The Hobbit army joke monday thru friday g rated - 7036046336
By Unknown