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Would You Rather Talk About Swallows?

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By Unknown

On Wednesdays He Goes Shopping

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By LeSparta

John Cleese and Graham Chapman: Master Trolls

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By Unknown

Friends Forever

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By joseph.henderson.5815

Lovely Spam!

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By PossumFacee

The Most Useless Clock

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That Word, I Don't Think It Means What You Think It Means

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By LivverLibber


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By Unknown

Classic: It Is Also Scratched

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By Sydney

African or European?

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By PookDogg

Really, Nobody?

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By Doncini

Time to Take an Alternate Route

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Via bruno226

I Do Like Them a Little More Now

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By Unknown

The Most Worthless Clock

the black knight monty python - 8053042176
By Unknown
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You Have NOTHING to Worry About!

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