Art of Trolling


No Reward

missing posters - 8387408896
By anselmbe

A Risk I'm Willing to Take

IRL missing parking sign - 4746527488
By entityseekers

Lassie, Come Home!

dogs IRL missing sign wife - 5703613184
By Unknown

The Milk Carton of Wheaties Boxes

children IRL missing - 4584455424
By Unknown

I'm Worried About It Getting Wet

cat missing that sounds naughty Yahoo Answer Fails - 5438401024
By simbafluff (Via

Re-Trolled: It's Magic!

facebook fat missing Photo - 6409150720
By Ben_Otter

Is the Reward Written in Invisible Ink?

invisible IRL lost missing - 4509328896
By Luminssence

Oh a Drum!

Via dogtime

She Just Flew Right Out

IRL missing reaction roller coaster - 5911572992
By Unknown


unicorn missing sign - 6942180864
By Unknown

Have You Seen This?

missing - 8372163328

Classic: Miaow That's Just Rude!

cat IRL missing - 4887349760
By Captain_Lulz

Pretty Clear He Learned How To Use a Stapler?

Picture of a sign that has been posted for a missing giraffe, along with the same sign also posted very high up on a telephone pole.
By muench

Can't Work, Can I Go Home?

IRL keys missing troll face - 5199316480
By Unknown

Reward: SO Much Money

missing - 8396820224

Cup Troll Has Bad Maths

missing sign cups IRL truancy story - 6786704640
By dustindhansen