Art of Trolling


He Didn't Feel It Because It Was Microsoft

playstation who wants to be a millionaire Sony microsoft Samsung apple - 7355500800
Created by AndreC11 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Sorry, Microsoft...

bing microsoft fortune cookies - 8224342272

Sorry, Microsoft...

bing fortunes microsoft fortune cookies - 7879525888
Created by Unknown

Well played Sony

Sony e3 microsoft video games xbox one - 7559835392
Created by Lazytriangle


clippy minecraft microsoft - 8319355904
Created by dukeguy

No Way, Microsoft

bing microsoft fortune cookies - 8182331648


laptops windows microsoft apple - 8405269760

Thanks for the Highly Specific Message!


Troll Windows Knows When to Update

microsoft windows - 7930325248
Created by Unknown

This is How to Totally Legit Not Brick Your Xbox One Console and Unlock Backwards Compatibility

How to unlock backwards compatibility on xBox One - Screenshot
Created by deepdark ( Via backcompatiblexbone )

Microsoft Has Terrible Timing With Its Ads

advertisements microsoft xbox one - 7948674304
Created by Unknown

Micro-Suck It!


Are You Blind? Clearly It's a 360!

tech support xbox microsoft video games xbox 360 funny - 7446471168
Created by Unknown

Microsoft Tries Their Hand at Watches

microsoft watches - 7968846080
Created by Unknown
clippy coworkers office pranks Office microsoft microsoft word - 446213

It Looks Like You're Trying to Work at Your Office. Would You Like Help?

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Sorry, Microsoft...

bing microsoft - 8269004544
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