Art of Trolling


The Last Line Should Read: And I Am Too

hard IRL math poem test - 5348754432
Created by UMADan

That Is SO MY FAV!

gross math movies test - 4680555520
Created by figreentweleve

Yeah, I Got Nothin'

IRL math oh god why test - 4822672640

I See What You Did...

counting facebook FAIL I see what you did there math - 6182948096

I Barely Passed Algebra

captcha math wtf - 5006219264
Created by Unknown

Re-Trolled: Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

re-frames Music math youtube - 6693598720
Created by Stryder

I'm About a Good a Driver as I am a Mathematician

IRL math sign speed limit - 6286152192
Created by Jelle161994

Top of His Class

4chanstuff bd math - 6374867712
Created by littledevil9

I Did Nazi What You Did There

IRL math truancy story - 6579160064

I'm Pretty Sure It Is...

Close Enough graphs IRL math - 4648951808
Created by sylvz18

Solve Your Own Damn Problems

math - 7014218496

The Answer to Everything

google IRL math test - 5208064256
Created by Aqpwod

Necessary for Your Arsenal

calculators math - 8015205120

I Guess You're Not Wrong

siri math - 8365303808

What Happened to Exponents?

facebook math - 4720269312

God, I'm Not So Good With Numbers

god IRL math prayer problem - 4990957568
Via epic 4chan
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