Art of Trolling


Drainage Daniel

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Created by _C_A_T_

Something Doesn't Add Up

math truancy story Yahoo Answer Fails - 6124285440
Created by YahooMuadDib ( Via )

I'm Drunk! You Do the Math!

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Created by Mike


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Created by Unknown

But I Never Learned My Times Table!

elevator IRL math - 6661286656
Created by Unknown

Damn Nerds...

nerds calculus math - 8202216704

So THAT'S how it works!

equation math - 6963888384
Created by Unknown

Is That R Squared?

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Created by wiener_roast

Totally Radical

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Created by Unknown

What's a Geometry?

IRL math test truancy story - 6196692992
Created by hgbird
prank math Video - 80446977

Can You Solve This "Impossible" Math Question?

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An Apartment That Defies Mathematics

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Created by Unknown


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Created by Unknown

Would Not Math Again

Grumpy Cat calculator math - 6954612736
Created by Unknown

Where'd I Put That Calculator?

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Created by Unknown

I Barely Passed Algebra

captcha math wtf - 5006219264
Created by Jen
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