Art of Trolling


It Is Dark.

help i own a horse male Omegle zork - 4464205056
Created by Unknown

As You Wish

asl China m male Omegle u mad - 4587769856
Created by Unknown

How Dare You Call Me a Moraf

asl female male Omegle - 5027163136
Created by Unknown


liar male Omegle - 3462966528
Created by Unknown

Survey Says...

Omegle male female - 4254002944
Created by Unknown

Can You Guess?

female guess IRL male - 4472969472
Created by Unknown

12 steps program

denial male Omegle - 4444698880
Created by noicant

See, Women?

Bad Translator male sexism women - 7004535296
Created by CatFeeded

Still Counts

funbags male Omegle spymode - 5600033792
Created by Trololololololo

You Don't Get a Seat.

asl FRIDAY horny male Omegle Rebecca Black which seat can i take - 4585012992
Created by Renatta.Rdz

Long Time No See!

desperate female horny male Omegle - 4366498816
Created by Unknown

First Things First

female first gender male ugly - 4076861184
Created by snookie


creepy female gay male multiple choice Omegle - 3756233472
Created by Unknown

Thanks for Looking, Though!

mail male spelling - 5184051968
Created by queenspammy ( Via )

Thanks for Nothing, Suicide Hotline

building hotline male Omegle suicide watch - 4586423040
Created by mwcafac91

One of Those, Yes.

asl female horny lady fun bags male Omegle yes - 4540307456
Created by Giantfishy
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