Art of Trolling


Guess What?

best of week lost numbers the game - 6013567744
By Luigicat11

He's Knockin' on Heaven's Door

cat lost waldo Yahoo Answer Fails - 5711625216
By Feebeelette

The Beret Formerly Known as Raspberry

IRL lost prince sign - 5046308352
By Unknown

Anyone Seen My Poddle?

IRL lost lost dog Pokémon poster sign - 4977758208
By Omar

I'm Just Hopin' You're a Wizard

gentlemen lost magnets Omegle the game wizard you lose - 4522202368
By Unknown

I Hate the French

dogs lost sign - 4815454976
By Unknown

Always In the Last Place You Look

keys lost wolfram alpha - 5408634112
By Unknown

Those Teeth! And That Hair!

invisible IRL llama lost pet sign - 5213658880
By Senshi21


Chat Roulette kids lost - 3226887168
By Unknown

Finding It is the Reward

IRL lost sign - 6310086656
By GalderGollum

Not That Game Again

FAIL lost the game Yahoo Answer Fails - 4884237056
By itsZachii

Borrow a Magnet From a Mormon

fork knife lost Yahoo Answer Fai Yahoo Answer Fails - 6256800512
By Roxtar (Via Yahoo Answers)

You Go Bro!

IRL lost sign virginity - 6137620992
By pedretta (Via Pleated-Jeans)

Stranger Is Burned!

burn cards lost Omegle Pokémon stranger virginity - 4413944320
By Robert

Only $25? Keeping It

IRL kitten lost sign snake - 5274224640
By kenzeec

Finders Keepers, Losers Wait Four More Years

elections sign lost politics - 6745154816
Via awkward-elevator
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