Art of Trolling

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"Hang On, Lemme Turn to My Good Side"

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Do He Got a Booty?


"Sir! How Do You Feel About Being on the Air Trying to Report the News RIGHT NOW?"

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By SatevisM
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KTVU News Anchor Reads the Ridiculous, Made-Up Names of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Pilots on the Teleprompter

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Stay Off the Roads During a Flood... Unless You Have a Bike Like This

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Failed Trolling: Weatherman Jim Cantore Gets Attacked During a Live Broadcast, Owns His Attacker, Then Goes Straight Back to Broadcasting

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Guy Stares Creepily Into the Camera During NFL Sports Report

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Weatherman Gets Duped Into Wishing "Hugh Janus" a Happy Birthday

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This Australian Morning News Host Has a Hilarious, Innuendo-Filled Blunder Live

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Golf Clap for Well-Placed Headlines

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By Unknown

You're Not Helping the Cause, Dude

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Pigs May Not Be Flying Yet, But They're Reporting the News Just Fine

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That May or May Not Be My Real Name


No Visitors!

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Some Twitter Handles Shouldn't Make It to Live TV

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By Unknown
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