Art of Trolling


Bet You're Horny Now

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By Unknown

Too Literal?

boys literal - 7193577728
By Rowraaay

Too Literal?

literal metaphors Yahoo Answer Fails - 4420625664
By Unknown

It Was Really More of a Conversation Starter

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By DoodlesOfPoodlesEatingNoodles

You Don't Want to Fall

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By bdhkid

Seems About Right

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By ajgau1


youtube literal - 7077175296
Via Youtube
fan literal Video - 42776065

$#!t Fans Say

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She's No Good If She Can't Cook

literal Yahoo Answer Fails - 4542759168
By Unknown

Wednesdays, How Do They Work?

annoying facebook literal wednesday - 5039285504
By tehbeefah

I Wanted It Centered

4chan literal photoshop - 5205818880
By VitaminF


heart literal facebook - 7087597056
By Unknown

Well, That's All The Explanation I Need

literal twitter - 6436229376
By PryoguyNine

What's Apathy?

apathy literal Yahoo Answer Fails - 4519112960
By SuperDuperTails
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27 Very Stupid Jokes That Are Literally Correct

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Classic: Three Simple Steps

chicks literal - 6674040832
By -DoABarrelRoll-
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